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Network News

I wish the FCC didn’t have such a prudish objection to this sort of thing; you can watch the news for a long time and never catch this live, and that’s a shame – by far the most interesting thing Sue Simmons ever did, for example…


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Good article from the Washington Post.  I found this the most damning, as it encapsulates all the needless spin that makes the Clintons so disgusting:

After an appropriate wait, she steps from the plane and pretends to wave to a crowd of supporters; in fact, she is waving to 10 photographers underneath the airplane’s wing. She pretends to spot an old friend in the crowd, points and gives another wave; in fact, she is waving at an aide she had been talking with on the plane minutes earlier.


And the leitmotif: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vuW6tQ0218

Or, more simply, from another guy whose baggage has persistently overwhelmed his talent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wk5ANyMaio

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Golf.  That’s right, when the President of the United States saw the human toll of the invasion of Iraq his reaction was not to pull out of Iraq, or redeploy troops differently, or introduce some sort of benchmarks or metrics for the prosecution of the conflict, or send more armor to the region, or raise taxes on fuel to hit the economies of the attackers.  He gave up golf.


If ever there were some debate between Dubya being evil and Dubya being an idiot – I am unconvinced they are exclusive – I hope this settles matters definitively in the idiot direction.  And it is to Al Gore’s eternal shame that he ran such a horrible campaign that he lost to this guy.

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Yes, it is “pretty clear” that the Democrats are focused on nothing other than creating a United States of France.  Why else would they support such massive investments in nuclear power and cheesemaking?  However, it seems a bit less clear that the hallmark of France is “more litigation”; the Napoleonic system is way too distracted by smoking Gitanes and hitting on American high school girls and surrendering to give much airtime to trial lawyers.


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Bombay Dreams

I’m all in favor of 25 stories worth of personal space (even if six are tied up in parking, when you know damn well that the only way anyone is getting in or out of the place is by helicopter), and as a proportion of net worth this seems to be a fairly modest investment.

Still, for $2bn I would just as soon not have to look at neighbors, and I certainly wouldn’t build such an ugly-ass Jenga-looking death trap anywhere that might be vulnerable to someone else’s non-code-compliant building falling into it.


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