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Is Hillary running for night receptionist?  Does it really matter who answers the phone?  If there is some national emergency, don’t they wake up the president?  Unless he is reading the My Pet Goat, which I believe translates to “do not disturb no matter what”.


Also, the general theme of “make your opponent seem creepy and dangerous” works a lot better when people find your opponent (and not you) remotely creepy and dangerous.  I think this is what Hillz was trying to channel:


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I’m sorry.  There were a bunch of White House press secretaries, and then there was Tony Snow, and he was a nice guy and got really sick and had no money and left, and then I think I started flying to Europe a lot and not paying a whole lot of attention to the Republicans…and then they went ahead and hired a cute girl who is a complete idiot?  I don’t know if I should be more upset with myself for not catching this for six months or with you for not telling me about it.

When I say “idiot”, I mean “did not know of the event called the ‘Cuban missile crisis'”.


I should amend “complete idiot”, however, to recognize the contrast with the perfect idiocy of her boss, who refers to her husband as “the Englishman”.  Because he has no other reason to come into contact with people from the land of bad teeth and Monty Python movies.


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This has been explained before, but never with such excellent graphics:

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Pot, Kettle


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Star Wars

Doesn’t this indicate a certain lack of confidence in missile defense (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23253805)?  If lousy weather is going to stop us from shooting down a satellite on an extremely well-understood trajectory with weeks of notice, how exactly are we going to intercept hundreds of ICBMs in boost phase with a few seconds to decide?

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Interesting use of stats: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/2/9/13227/22519/239/453361

Seems wildly uphill for Barry.  He somehow has to win Texas or Ohio plus Pennsylvania (or, I suppose, Texas and Ohio but not Pennsylvania), and even if he does this, the weird superdelegate concept means that 800 delegates who likely owe their jobs to Bill Clinton have the deciding vote.  That said, you would think that Obama’s big advantage versus McCain relative to Hillary (to begin with, he won’t be a lightning rod to bring Hillary-haters to the general election) would focus downticket folks on their own interest.  If you are a Democrat running in a marginal district, do you really want the hard right to be energized?

Also, Hillary’s dominance in states that are already Democrat (California, NY, NJ, MA) does not bode well for her ability to pick up states Kerry lost.  And I am pretty sure she needs to win at least one of them to put a Democrat in the White House.

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