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Finally, someone seems to have noticed that our defenses are completely imaginary (except the expenses, which are quite real).  If we were serious we would have fired on the plane long before it got where it did – which, just so we’re clear, was close enough I have a really hard time believing anyone could have done something if he had wanted to.  Sort of like the National Guardsmen you used to see in airports with M-16s – every so often you heard about people running off from checkpoints, yet you never heard of people getting shot.
I should add, by the way, that my favorite part of the whole story is that everyone knows Dubya is such a child that no one bothered to tell him.  Which answers another question: after missing the warning signs of 9/11 while reading My Dog Spot, did Dubya tell his advisors “if there is ever a security situation in the future, I want to know immediately”?  Sure seems like no.

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