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The weird thing about this fight is that it really is, and has been, purely a question of our own will.  There was a serious chance of defeat at Normandy, no matter how hard we tried (in fact, had Rommel’s forward defense plan not been rejected, we almost assuredly would have suffered the worst one-day losses in American history).  With better carriers the Japanese might have been impossible to dislodge from the western Pacific.

But here…here’s it’s just a matter of how badly we want it.  Stalin had Trotsky hunted to Mexico, but he got him, and he had to be somewhat covert.
Israel hunted Eichmann to Argentina, and Argentina was a hostile country. We have no such limitations.  We don’t have to use agents; we can use a division if need be.  But it is imperative that we annihilate Al Qaeda. It’s really terrifying that our government does not seem to have any sense of urgency in dealing with this.


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